Bosque del Apache Photo Intensive

If you are a bird photographer, it is likely that Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is at the top of your bucket list.  It is a world renowned destination to view and photograph birds within the gorgeous landscape of central New Mexico.  Although there are areas that harbor more birds than Bosque, it is the variety of birds and access to them that makes it such a spectacular destination.  Bosque is best know for its large flocks of snow geese and sandhill cranes…but there are lots of other birds present in large numbers as well, including; ducks, raptors and songbirds.

This is an experience that you won’t forget…thousands of sandhill cranes taking flight in the early morning mist or parachuting in during the warm glow of sunset, the thunderous roar of thousands of snow geese blasting off at dawn or the amazing purple hue that tints the surrounding mountains as the sun crests the horizon.

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Join us for the 4th annual Photography Intensive workshop with three pros Keith Bauer, Don Toothaker, and Mark Buckler. This event always sells out with many participants returning annually. Improve your photography skills with sandhill cranes and snow geese flocks up-close in your lens amidst vivid landscapes. During the golden hours of the early morning and late afternoon, we place you where the action is with some of the best wildlife photography available. In the classroom, you learn about composition, black & white, manual, birds in flight, nighttime photo techniques, Photoshop & Lightroom post-processing, and more. Explore the wonders of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. This is a fundraiser for the Safeguarding Sandhill Crane Habitat project for upgrading water control infrastructure and forage production capacity that will help safeguard this habitat for generations to come. This fundraiser also funds the opening of new Photo Points areas for the general public that includes eastern sunrise views of stunning wetland landscapes. We place you where the field action is with a balance of classroom for taking your skills to a new level.

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This workshop is offered by the "Friends of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge"

January 4th - 7th, 2018

Fee:  $680 (includes all meals)